About us

Automa8e develops intuitive software to help entrepreneurs everywhere run their business and achieve their goals. Our role is to help businesses maximise operational efficiencies, enhance measurement, transparency, and accountability of business decisions and operational actions.

Automa8e is an integrated Business and Accounting software which helps accountants and entrepreneurs run their businesses more efficiently. We help businesses to automate numerous manual tasks. 

We help businesses grow. 

Automa8e’s vision

We envision a world in which every organisation can run its business at full potential

How it all started

Well, any business idea starts with a problem. With a problem which costs people either time, effort, or money. We, 15 years ago, also faced a problem that was taking from us all these things at once. It was manual accounting management. And, as you understood, we didn’t want to deal with it.

As any other entrepreneur, we wanted not only get better results, but also to achieve our goals faster. We spent long days and nights on idea generation and MVP creation. As a result, came to a unique, diverse and the most automated solution for a range of accounting and business management tasks – Automa8e.


Automa8e's logo

Automa8e’s mission

is to simplify, enhance, and improve your business

Our values


We collaborate, communicate, and are accountable. We do what we say we will do. Integrity and fiscal responsibility are always our top priorities. Each of us is responsible for our words, our actions, and our results.


Respect and consideration are at the heart of what we do. Our goal is to be fast, dependable, and ethical. We value everyone and treat people with dignity and professionalism.


Integrity underpins everything we do. Integrity, honesty, trust, and transparency have made us highly dependable and respected. Even when no one is watching, we do the right thing.

Automa8e’s purpose

We want to be a business coach to our partners, providing them with differentiated products and services that help them achieve their goals.

Our culture

We always persevere and do our best to achieve our goals, and never give up too early. For this, we plan each our of our step and take the fastest way to get the target results, but at the same time to be as efficient as possible.

A business owner has a choice between patching together a system that works or investing in a highly complex software solution that drains their resources rather than supports them. We at Automa8e offer simple solutions for upgrading a do-it-yourself system into a fully functional business tool and reimagining overly complex software to solve business problems.

We want to be a business coach to our partners, providing them with differentiated products and services that help them achieve their goals.

Liubov Iakunina

CPO, Automa8e