Automa8e, a comprehensive accounting software in Singapore, is proud to announce its new package tailored specifically to accounting firms. It is designed to help them save time and money on their operations and focus their resources on providing more value-added services to their clients.  

The new package will give free lifetime usage of Automa8e software and SGD 800 worth of training of Automa8e software at no cost. It is the perfect solution for accounting firms looking to get the most out of their business operations. With a comprehensive suite of accounting solutions, such as a Document Management System, Data Extraction System, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Corporate Tax, Financial Report Compilation, Bank, Payment Gateway Cash Schedules and more, accounting firms can access the data they need quickly and accurately.

In addition, Automa8e Accounting Software in Singapore provides a complete suite of business management and accounting reports to meet the needs of any accounting firm:

  • Account Receivable details and Aging Reports
  • Account Payable details and Aging Reports
  • Bank, Payment Gateway and Cash Schedules
  • PP&E Impairment & Depreciation Schedules
  • Balance Sheet and Journal Entries
  • Profit and Loss and Trial Balance
  • General Ledger and Cashbooks
  • Intangible Assets Impairment & Amortisation Schedules
  • Investment property and valuation schedules
  • Investments in equity/debt security (FVTPL/FVOCI)
  • Accrued expense and revenue schedules
  • Deferred expense and revenue schedules

The reports are designed to provide an accurate and up-to-date view of the financial health of your business, easily identify areas where improvement is needed as well as ensure compliance with all applicable regulations.

This suite of solutions helps accounting firms stay ahead of the competition and manage their operations more efficiently. Automa8e Accounting Software in Singapore is the perfect choice for any accounting firm looking to stay competitive in today’s market.

For more information about the package, please contact us at or download the brochure here